Has Your Success Stopped You In Your Tracks?


Have you been working really hard to grow your business and all the sudden it takes off and success is coming at you from every direction?  Are you so overwhelmed with success that you suddenly can’t do anything because you don’t know what to do first?  Has it stopped you right in your tracks?  Well here are 3 steps to getting you back in the drivers seat when that happens (trust me if your business is truly growing then this will happen at some point):

Step 1 – Step back and breathe!

If you don’t step back and just breathe you will stay in that cyclone of chaos and accomplish nothing truly well.  Your quality of work will slip which ultimately causes you to do things over and over again because you made silly errors you wouldn’t normally make.  So step away, find a nice quiet place to just suck in some calmness.  Things really aren’t as out of control as they seem, they just feel like they are.  Think about what has you so stressed out….isn’t that there are so many individual pieces of the puzzle all needing to happen at one time or are all of your clients asking for everything yesterday?  This break doesn’t have to be just 15 minutes.  It can even be overnight if you don’t reach a sense of calmness right away.

Step 2 – Reach Out To Your Accountability Partner

Sometimes we can’t see the catalyst of our own chaos because we are so caught up in the emotion of it all.  Get on the phone with your accountability partner and share what’s going on and then stop talking and listen to what they are seeing. After all, that’s why we have accountability partners.

Step 3 – Get Organized & Take Back Control

Many times when we start feeling surrounded by chaos, it is because we are trying to juggle to many balls in the air at one time. So,  you’re trying to keep up with several distinct projects at the same time with multiple elements to each project, you need a decent project management tool.  I recently started using Deskaway (thanks to a recommendation from one of my virtual assistant) and it has helped me tremendously, especially on projects that will have multiple team members working on the same project.  Not only has this project saved my sanity, but it has saved me countless hours in tracking projects, time and money!  All in one neat little package!

Now that you have sorted all your projects by deadlines and individual tasks, its time to get back to work with a clean slate.  Just like the feeling you get after a spring cleaning project.  Fresh perspective and renewed energy to continue to welcome even more success your way!!!


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