Language Barrier to Driving Website Traffic


As with many of you, my quest has continued in breaking down the driving website traffic  game and one thing I have learned of late is that it takes a whole new language to be successful at the game!  Here are some keywords that I have learned along the way:

Spiders for the purpose of this post are the web crawlers that search engines use to crawl your site for indexing or ranking purposes.

Cookies are a small text file stored by a website on your computer to keep track of information about your browsing activity on that site. (Spiders don’t eat cookies so you want to make sure that your cookie settings don’t require a download in order for them to crawl!)

Link Bait is the type of post that will create natural backlinks to your site by getting people to talk about your post and linking back to it.  (Great article on link bait!)

Keywords vs Longtail Keywords – Most of us already understand what a “keyword” is because we hear it all the time.  A standard keyword is a broad search term, while a “longtail keyword” is very specific phrase.  Longtail keywords are used to weed out competition in the keyword search game and increase your ranking.

These are just a few of the terms that cloud the issue of driving website traffic for the beginners.  What odd terms have you come across?

Language Barrier To Driving Website Traffic


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