3 Habits to Develop in the New Year, Starting NOW!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Today is the first working day of the new year, so no time like the present to kick the year off with some habits that will get your business off to a dynamic start.  There has been a lot of discussion over the last few weeks about setting goals and making resolutions, both of which work for those that are focused and committed to their long term objectives.  For those of you who are not quite there yet, I offer these 3 simple habits that you can develop STARTING NOW that will make a significant difference in how much you accomplish this year:

1. GET UP!!! - If you intend to be a successful home business owner, then you need to treat it like one and define your working hours to fit your consumers.  GET UP out of that bed and start your day with determination and purpose.  (There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a new business owner that thinks they can sleep till noon and expect to be successful!)

2.  GET DRESSED!!! – Now don’t get me wrong on this one…I am a huge fan of working in my  pajamas.  But if you fall into the slump of just rolling out of bed and shuffling off to your computer without that morning shower routine and running a brush through your hair, then you will find that your work quality as well as self-worth will soon be hitting the danger zone.  Dress for your own success even if no one is going to see you.  Success is heard in your voice and worn in your attitude.

3.  PLAN TO SUCCEED – In the Navy, one of my favorite sayings was the 5 P’s “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.  Some people immediately groan when you ask them to plan their day, but it is really not something to be afraid of.  If you will just end each day by ensuring the “have to” items are indicated on your calendar (or to-do list if that makes you more comfortable) for the following day then you know they will get completed.  Those items don’t just have to be work related, because outside issues that are lurking undone, severely impact on your ability to focus on the business items.  So plan to get them done!  (Planning for the next day should never take you more than 15 minutes of focused thinking!)

If you can master these 3 habits on a daily basis then your business and the new year will be off to remarkable beginning!  Now go, GET STARTED NOW!!!


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