When Should You Turn Down Big Business


As your business takes and creates momentum there is going to come a time regardless of what business you are in, when it is necessary for you to turn down big business.  I know that sounds unbelievable but you will soon see that it is true….

Even though I have a fairly large staff and a very large referral network, I sometimes agonize over that great client that comes along that “could” change the whole direction of my business.  I have to carefully consider the amount of money dangling within reach and compare it against my ability to continue to provide the same quality of service to my other clients….

Turning down money is never easy but it is a decision you should make if:

  • The quality of work or products that you provide to existing customers would be compromised
  • Your “trained” workforce would become overwhelmed with the amount of new work generated
  • The amount of “unpaid” time spent training new staff would exceed the potential profit in the new project
  • The long-term potential of the new project is less than what it would take to maintain the new staff
  • The primary focus or mission of your business would be compromised
  • The new client’s values do not align with those of your business

As with any business decision, don’t be afraid to take a moment (or a day or two if needed) to consider the impact of the decision that you are about to make.  Don’t let the dollar signs be the driving force behind any decision.  As someone once said…”When one door closes, another door opens”


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