Where to focus your attention and resources to increase your bottom line


The 80/20 rule.

Here’s what I have discovered…

Most of the time you actually spend IN your business (excluding surfing the web doing “research”, Facebook, forums, twitter, checking email, and other stuff like that that have ZERO direct financial return)

Activity like customer service, keyword research, writing content, creating products, writing copy, writing AR emails, checking stats, setting up adwords campaigns, setting up split tests, etc.

Those activities make you money… but if you think about it, it is insignificant considering the amount of time you spend on it.

From my experience, the really big return on investment (ROI) comes from doing deals, setting up JV partnerships, strategic planning, etc.

The 80/20 principle dictates that you should be doing more deals and more joint ventures, and looking for leverage that will increase your bottom line.

The problem is that if you’re like most online people, you’re probably not doing this, let alone spending 20% of your time doing it.

So if you think about it logically, if you really want to grow your business then it makes total sense to remove yourself completely from the daily operations and get other people to handle those tasks for you.

You need to replace yourself with systems and procedures and get “dedicated people” to perform those tasks.

You must nail down a strategy and then plug in people and systems that can test and implement new tactics in your business.

You should remove yourself from that world altogether and focus on business development… and you should get people to do the manual stuff (like writing) for you.

How are you going to do this… and how are you going to afford this? My response would be…How can you NOT afford to do this!!!


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